Debbie Reynolds RIP

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  • 29.12.16

We all enjoy the irony of a good coincidence, but only if it does not end fatally for anybody, and not for the entertainers who are among the few that give a nice meaning to the word "celebrity."

It has been reported that actress Debbie Reynolds, mother of Carrie Fisher, has passed away after suffering a stroke, only 24 hours after her daughter's passing, while grieving and making arrangements for Carrie's funeral.

Reynolds was 84 years old and in poor health since the previous stroke she suffered in 2015.

The sadness in the whole story will make the release of the HBO documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds even more popular now that both its stars are gone. The film premiered at Cannes earlier this year, it chronicles the relationship of the two women and it's scheduled to air on HBO in Spring 2017.


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