Kevin Meaney RIP

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  • 22.10.16

In his thirty-plus-year career in comedy, Kevin Meaney appeared only in a few films, with the first and probably best one of them being Penny Marshall's Big with Tom Hanks. On TV his only starring role was in Uncle Buck in 1990. Apart from that Meaney did brief appearances on SNL, 30 Rock, more recently on 2 Broke Girls and Hidden America With Jonah Ray and in between his voice could be heard in a lot of animated shows like Garfield and Friends.

Of course Kevin Meaney wasn't popular for any of this, if he was popular at all, but he was indeed an amazing stand-up comedian since 1980 and according to the ones that were close to him, he was also the nicest person. He passed away yesterday at the age of 60 in his home in New York.

Kevin Meaney released his only comedy album, That's Not Right, in 2004. Below follows a cut from the record, plus his first ever appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and a clip from his We Are The World routine from the late eighties.


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