31 Songs Of Halloween: The Shaggs: It's Halloween

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  • 28.10.16

The Shaggs was an all-female band from New Hampshire, which lasted from 1968 to 1975, released only one album, but after its demise, was rediscovered by the music media and gained the cult status that it deserved by being one of the first female alternative rock, proto-punk and outsider music acts ever.

The Shaggs were comprised of sisters Helen, Betty, and Dorothy Wiggin and were strongly backed by their father, Austin, whose mother told him three predictions when he was young, after he had read his palm: he would marry a strawberry blonde woman, he would have two sons after she had died, and his daughters would form a popular music group. After the first two became true, Austin Wiggin set his mind to make the third one a reality too. When he died in 1975, The Shaggs disbanded, having drawn moderate success, mainly among local radio stations.

Philosophy Of The World, their only album, has been reissued multiple times. According to Kurt Cobain's handwritten diaries it was one of his 50 favorite records of all time and that tells a lot, because the man's tastes were quite eclectic...

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