31 Songs Of Halloween: Samhain: The Howl

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  • 20.10.16

After his departure from Misfits, Glenn Danzig formed another, heavier sounding, still horror themed band, named Samhain, inspired by the ancient Celtic New Year that evolved to modern day's Halloween. Samhain was basically the band that would develop to become the more appreciated, Danzig, a few years later, using the same band logo and font.

Samhain released a total of three LPs (the last of which came out three years after they had already become Danzig), one EP and one live album in the short time of their existence. Initium, the band's first, carried that name to symbolically speak for not only the start of the newfound band, but also for the new turn in Danzig's career, towards a more gothic rock, more metal approach that he would carry along to the next rendition of his band.

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