31 Songs Of Halloween: Ripper: Halloween

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  • 31.10.16

Formed in Houston, TX in 1977, Ripper released their first album, ...And The Dead Shall Rise, almost a decade later, only to become an obscure collectable among fans of eighties' horror metal, since the band broke up a few years after its release.

Bringing to mind the sounds of King Diamond, Judas Priest or the less famous Exorcist and Halloween, things might have been a bit better for Ripper if they had been picked up by a major label, instead the 1986 first pressing of  ...And The Dead Shall Rise was on Iron Works and the 2003 reissue came via Black Widow Records.

Dedicated to the music's horror-themed relentless metal, all band members used extravagant monikers, like Rob Graves (the band's leader, guitarist and vocalist), Sadie Paine (bassist and vocalist), Johnny Crypt (guitarist) and J.D. Shadowz (drummer), and dressed up in fancy horror outfits and heavy make up. Their gutsy use of heavy synthesizers, quite fresh but frowned upon in the metal community at the time, was one of the elements that made ...And The Dead Shall Rise stand out and to this day be considered a cult metal classic.

This is our pick for Halloween day's post. Happy Halloween...

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