31 Songs Of Halloween: The Pandoras: Haunted Beach Party

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  • 14.10.16

In 1984 there were two bands using the name "The Pandoras" around, after the original, formed in 1983 Pandoras split up due to creative differences. The first led by Paula Pierce released It's About Time (which featured the astray members too) on Voxx, now a garage rock revival classic, while the other led by Bambi Conway and Gwynne Kelly played gigs using the name without Pierce. The second version of The Pandoras appeared on record only once, on a compilation by Enigma Records, but eventually the version of the band led by Pierce was the one that prevailed and got to keep the name for good. The Pandoras we all know about today later changed the direction of their sound and style, released two more studio albums and a few EPs, until Paula's untimely death in 1991 of an aneurysm at the age of 31.

Despite the band's noble hard rock efforts of their latter period, none of that material matched the qualities of their garage-rocking debut on which Haunted Beach Party exists.

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