31 Songs Of Halloween: The Overcoat: Dia De Los Muertos

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  • 15.10.16

The band formed in Tucson, AZ, in 1986 by Timothy Gassen who was then using the name "Randy Love", started out as The Marshmallow Overcoat, shortened their name to simply The Overcoat a few years later and returned to their initial moniker again in the mid-nineties. Influenced by the West Coast sound of the sixties and bands like The Doors, The Chocolate Watchband and The Electric Prunes in particular, The Marshmallow Overcoat was one of the most important acts in the reviving neo-psychedelic wave of american bands that came out in the eighties and formed the Paisley Underground scene.

A Touch Of Evil was their third and last album as just The Overcoat, released in 1993 on the german garage rock label, Music Maniac Records.

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