31 Songs Of Halloween: Japan: Halloween

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  • 29.10.16

That brilliant band led by David Sylvian which started in the late seventies as a new wave act, but quickly developed to combine elements of synthpop, post-punk and glam rock to their sound, Japan, released five great records from 1978 to 1981 (plus one under a different moniker, when they reformed as Rain Tree Crow in 1991).

Midway through that five album list stands Quiet Life, their third full length and the first to chart in the UK, as their previous two albums only entered the charts in... Japan and Netherlands. Quiet Life marked the band's turn to a heavier-in-synth synthpop sound, after the glam rock style and sound of their first two. Today it is considered one of the very first records of the New Romantic movement. Sylvian's androgynous image is featured prominently on the cover and his trademark baritone style made its debut appearance on the record's eight songs.

Quite more down-to-earth and sober-minded than your average song about Halloween, Japan's Halloween was not among the couple of singles that Quiet Life sprung. Still it's a brilliant album cut and a nice representation of what people began calling "art pop" from then on.

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