31 Songs Of Halloween: Horrorpops: Ghouls

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  • 10.10.16

Although Horrorpops released their debut album, Hell Yeah!, in 2004, the band goes way back to the mid-nineties when it was conceived by husband and wife, Kim Nekroman (of Nekromantix) and Patricia Day. Ghouls was initially part of a seven-song demo recording that the band passed around to the press. The song quickly became a hit at the clubs in Copenhagen and eventually the band released it as a single on Rancid Records in Fall of 2003. After that plus a successful US tour and an article about them in Vogue Magazine, Horrorpops caught the eye of Hellcat Records, which released their debut album, comprised of the aforementioned demo, alongside six additional tracks.

The band is still active, although they haven't released anything since 2008, when they put out their most successful album so far, Kiss Kiss Kill Kill.

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