31 Songs Of Halloween: The Duponts: Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall)

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  • 6.10.16

Like with most of the dozens of vocal groups that turned up from every corner in the 1950s, there isn't much to tell about Brooklyn quartet, The Duponts, except that their initial (1955 to 1957) lineup featured a young Anthony Gourdin, later of Little Anthony & The Imperials. Right after Anthony left The Duponts to join that band which was then called The Chesters, The Duponts recorded Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall), led by another of the group's founding members, Ricky Bracey. The record was very well received by radio stations and reviewers of the time, but since it was released in March and not October, when it would have been a more appropriate time for the song, it was quickly forgotten and also overshadowed by the similarly themed, Dinner With Drac by Zacherley.

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