31 Songs Of Halloween: The Damned: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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  • 21.10.16

From their formation in 1976 to 1980, The Damned had already taken the world of punk by storm and released three albums, all of which are now essential classics for the punk and post-punk genres. 1980 though marks an important change in the band's style and sound, as well as lineup. Eddie And The Hot Rod's Paul Gray joins in to replace Algy Ward on bass and The Damned put out their fourth full length, The Black Album, which was their darkest piece of work that far and a clear turn into gothic rock.

The album's side-2 opener, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was released on I.R.S. as a single in the US to promote The Black Album. 

The footage that follows is from BBC's Something Else, broadcasted on November 17th 1980.

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