31 Songs Of Halloween: The Bomboras: Forbidden Planet

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  • 13.10.16

With their name taken from a 1960s instrumental by The Original Surfaris, The Bomboras was an instrumental garage/surf rock band, active from 1995 to 2000. The band released a bunch of low-budget albums, EPs and singles, most of which on the great surf-punk indie label, Dionysus Records, although the album they're mostly known for is Head Shrinkin' Fun, their 1998 one and only release on Rob Zombie's Zombie A Go-Go Records, distributed by Geffen to a much wider audience than what the band was used to until then.

Forbidden Planet was one of their earliest releases, included on the 1995 EP of the same name.

After The Bomboras split up in 2000, some of the members went on to form the psych/garage band, The Lords Of Altamont, while others formed another garage/surf band, The Legendary Invisible Men.

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