Test Pattern: Art + Student = Poor

Last season of Documentary Now! went out with a double episode about a fictional soft rock band, Blue Jean Committee, wonderfully spoofing The History Of The Eagles. On the new season which began September 14th, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader will have their hands on another popular music genre and mock one of the most iconic music documentaries ever, Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense.

The episode will be called Final Transmission and it will be episode number four in the new season, scheduled to air on October 5th, however, Test Pattern, the fictional new wave band about which the film will be about, showed up at Late Night With Seth Meyers (whose host is also a co-creator of Documentary Now!) to perform their song, Art + Student = Poor.

Watch the performance below...

Once again the show's creators show some unconditional love and outright support about pop culture and good music in general by making fun of it exquisitely and by being knowledgeable and appreciative of their material. If you haven't seen season one of Documentary Now!, you're missing one of the best things that have happened to television in the last few years.


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