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Pure Phase Ensemble 4: Live at SpaceFest!


Pure Phase Ensemble 4 is an off-shoot project of British shoegaze legends RIDE and Polish band Wilga. A very exciting project involving RIDE's Mark Gardener, Ray Dickaty (ex Spiritualized) and various other handpicked musicians from Poland's top indie bands. These include: Hatifnats, KSAS and Cisza nocna.

This weekend is also very big weekend for Poland residents, as British shoegaze legends RIDE play the country's major OFFfest at midnight on Saturday, then followed by Polish band Wilga at 4pm Friday.

Live at Spacefest! is out 8th August and is the product of a week-long journey and collaboration between the artists from SpaceFest.

Pure Phase Ensemble 4 'Live at SpaceFest!' will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify and physical CD available on the Nasiono Records website.

1. Intro 04:10
2. Morning Rise* 08:03
3. Notatki** 15:47
4. Zostan na noc*** 09:12
5. Peter Song* 05:41
6. Doing My Head In*** 03:32
7. Happy Dancing Woman*** 08:37

Here is the trailer for the upcoming Live at SpaceFest! release and a few handpicked stand-out tracks.


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