Let's Split // 5 Drive Off Into The Sunset Movie Endings

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  • 11.8.15

Do you ever get the feeling your life should be more like the movie-endings? The ones where they just get in the car and drive off into the sunset.

In an ironic twist, some drive off into the sunset endings, aren't so perfect at all. In true Destroy//Exist style, we count them down from five.

5. InnerSpace

The ending of 
Joe Dante's buddy/bromance masterpiece brings a tear to your eyes. Jack's new found confidence from meeting his friends, puts back in control of his life, Jack recognizes the Cowboy and jumps into Tuck's vintage Mustang, in an epic final pursuit after the limousine to rescue the newly-weds. The final scene plays out over the end credits.

4. Brazil

It's still a debate whether that final scene means one of two things; good or bad news. We know Terry Gilliam is not one for happy endings and because the movie almost mirrors George Orwell's 1984 (notably: the year the movie was released). We know it can't possibly mean a happy ending. In one variation, Sam Lowry is captured after escaping the tyrannical world he is a slave to, and undergoes a nasty surgical ending. In the other, he is rescued by the female heroine, Jill and just in the nick of time they hit the road. The latter would be a perfect if it wasn't too good to be true.

3. Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise went through so much together, on a journey to break free of their lives. But rather than face the reality of the incidents along the way, they chose something else, the only way they could be truly be free from their pasts.

2. Drive

A Real Hero by College and Electric Youth beautifully plays out, the movie ends and you're left to wonder. There's a few dramatic cinematic cutaways to other things going on, but make of it what you will and choose your own ending.

1. Terminator 

It's one of my favourite scenes in the movie, but it always fills me with both excitement and anxiety. I remember first watching it and being so excited for a sequel. The film's final line is: "There's a storm coming...I know" followed by an actual storm, which is both poetic and cinematically stunning.

No-one knows what's ahead, but like SC always said; there is no fate, but only what we make.


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