Sonic Mayhem: Doomsday

  • Posted on
  • 21.7.15

Sonic Mayhem, aka award-winning soundtrack creator Sascha Dikiciyan, just released his debut artist album Doomsday, which features collaborations with Power Glove (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon) and singer-songwriter Malukah.

Doomsday borders on Industrial, with some killer retro synths. Provides a very metallic, terminator-esque feel to it, the sound of a world fighting the machines.

Synth duo Power Glove show up to lend a hand with Futureland, which is co-written by them. Have a listen to the collaboration below.

Doomsday is available in various formats, including a Producer's Edition. For more information or to order Doomsday, go to the official site.


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