George Coe RIP

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  • 20.7.15

Although George Coe wasn't in any of the promotional group pictures of the original SNL cast members, he was there from day one. He was credited as an original player only in the first episode's credits and even though he appeared in several more episodes in Season 1, he was never in the credits again.

George Coe wasn't only known for SNL. He was nominated for an Oscar in 1968 for his performance in the film The Dove, a short film that parodies the movies of Ingmar Bergman which Coe co-directed with Anthony Lover.

Coe was also in some very important films of the last 50 years, like The Stepford Wives, Kramer Vs Kramer, Funny People and in many popular TV shows like Moonlighting, Dallas, The Tracey Ulman Show, Matlock, Murphy Brown, Star Trek: The Next Generation and more recently Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bones, Supernatural, Wilfred as well as the voice of Woodhouse in Archer.

George Coe passed away on June 18th, aged 86.


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