CHRISTINE: Ecstatic Sole

  • Posted on
  • 19.6.15

It's impossible not to pick up on the name of the band. Named after the 1980's John Carpenter/Stephen King movie, about the possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury Car. Ecstatic Sole EP has a hypnotising sense about it. It's cool, each track has it's down brand of upbeat and makes good use of some sampled record-scratching, tight synth stabs and MC-style vocals. Yet it possesses a nostalgic/retro VHS horror aesthetic to it (in the same vain as Carpenter Brut). Seductively just like the car, it draws you in and if you listen close enough, you can almost feel Christine's wing-mirrors breathing down your neck.

The new EP release Ecstatic sole is out now as of june 15th via Mouton Noir Records / Believe Digital. Available on iTunes and you can now stream the entire EP on soundcloud below:

EP Teaser Trailer:

She is possessive, she is seductive, she is pure evil, she is Christine.



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