Louie // Pot Luck

Last year's Season 4 of Louie kind of set the bar pretty high for what was to follow, in what was arguably the show's best season so far. Its dramatic overtones, the transitions between past, present and imagination were to some extend unlike anything in present comedy, making Louie the best drama and at the same time the best comedy series that was on TV at that point. That said, Louie Season 5 has just begun, promised to have a "lighter tone" and although the first episode was indeed kind of lighter, the series continues from where it left off and the melancholy was still present.

After an one season hiatus, the title sequence is back again, unaltered, Louis has a full grown beard now and once again he is miserable. The first episode, Pot Luck, is as awkward as it is confident, with Louie realising he is a "boring asshole" while talking to his therapist and in a desperate attempt to adjust to that concern, he attends a potluck for the parents of his daughter's classmates. Eventually it all leads to an emotional and quite disturbing climax with life lessons in order.

"I'm sorry, some things don't work out the way you planned them, okay?... It was just an accident."

The new season is shortened down to 8 episodes (from last year's 14), which probably means there's not much room for story arks and three-part episodes, so pressumably this is going to be a back-to-basics season. Nevertheless, the storytelling seems to be as much compelling in just 20 minutes, with thought provoking, beautifully written real-life dialogue that could have you either break out laughing or devastate you.

There's no other comedic mind with such existential qualities around right now like Louis CK. He is also about to produce, co-write and direct in Pamela Adlon's (his longtime collaborator and star in previous seasons of Louie) new series on FX, called Better Things, so it will be a treat watching that guy bringing his talents to more settings and wider audiences and maybe in the future he might be know as the comedian who re-invented the sitcom.


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