Creepers/King Woman/Mother Room/Foie Gras Hemlock March 28

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  • 11.3.15

Bay Area darlings King Woman off on their West Coast tour supporting Creepers in support of their new EP 'Doubt' out on The Flenser Records, February 17th. King Woman is fronted by former Whirr vocalist Kristina Esfandiari, imagine some twisted fusion of PJ Harvey, Sunn O))) and Black Sabbath. Colin Gallagher (guitar), Sky Madden (Chasms) on bass & Joey Raygoza on drums.

Creepers co-founded by Shiv Mehra and Daniel Tracy both current members of Deaheaven, have made a name for themselves in the Bay Area as well a swirling mix of shoegaze, grunge, psychedlia and prog rock that is as ethereal as it is hook laden. Their LP "Lush" is out now on All Black Recording Company

Mother Room is the brainchild of Oakland CA's James Mueleners, fusing elements of drone, noise with gothic and at times even pop intonations.

Foie Gras is everyone's favorite delicacy of despair, guitar driven she lives at the intersection between drone and reimagined Americana, think Brian Eno meets Patsy Cline.

If you're in the area get tickets for just $8.00 here.



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