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Them Are Us Too: Us Now


Them Are Us Too have just previewed ‘Us Now’, which is the first single from their forthcoming debut album (released via their own label DaisRecords). Still at the tender age of 21, there’s a lot of great things in store from the duo hailing from the dreary california state.

'Us Now' is an incredibly positive taste of whats to come, dreamy vocals set against a nice electro/borderling into Industrial beat. The track leans more towards the dreampop sound, but infuses other characteristics, with a nice shoegazey interlude towards the end.

Track list //

1. Eudaemonia
2. The Problem with Redheads
3. Us Now
4. Marilyn
5. False Moon
6. Creepy Love
7. 694 MI
8. Fall

Them Are Us Too


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