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The Rant: Poltergeist Trailer


The latest part of The Rant series comes courtesy of the brand new Poltergeist remake trailer that premiered at the end of last week.

I realize at this point in time, that we are only looking at a minute-or-so of footage, cut together to give you just a general of the where its going. So lets take a look at what we have; I can only pass judgement on what I see and my predictions. Of course, I could be wrong and we might end up with a remake like Robocop, which wasn’t the abominable mess everyone thought it might be.

Positives: Part of you wants someone to make something you loved really, really good. Both Sams (Sam Raimi and Sam Rockwell), surely a force to be reckoned with; Gil Kenan is also a promising director. The main thing that jumps out at me is the change in characters’ names. Okay, give the new directors and writers a chance here, they want to tell their own story as a fresh slate. Or… perhaps the studio doesn’t want to put the ‘Based-on characters created by Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg’ tag on the credits.

Negatives: Too many Conjuring/The Grudge/Paranormal Activity stunts, things flying around, and a lot of Boo! scared you! moments. I feel like modern day horror is a demographic now, they want more of the same rather than going back to older horror-trends. You see the clown, there’s no build up, shows you pretty much the set piece of everything in the upcoming movie. The beauty of the original, which will never be surpassed, is possibly the stairway scene, it’s magical and it’s more intriguing than scary, I find it fascinating where those bodies were passing to. It’s moments of screen magic like these that made the film so special, not the scary stuff at all.

Lets still keep an open mind, Ram Raimi and Tobe Hooper back in the early days, did have one thing in common, that you never truly felt safe watching their movies. Although Tobe is not onboard in any way shape or form, can we trust Raimi might bring something to this reboot? Let’s see…


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