Slows Down: Self-Titled EP

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  • 6.2.15

Slows Down is the project of London musician Alexander Hawthorne. Slows Down uses minor keys, drones, hypnotic melodies, weeping guitars, cathartic crescendo. Slows Down EP Self-titled is due to land on February 11th.

Based in London and resonant with the likes of Swans, Spiritualized, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Radiohead, 60s chamber pop,Middle Eastern classical music, surf and more, Slows Down is the musical pseudonym of DIY solo artist Alexander Hawthorne.

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, he makes music which moves between minimalist, melancholy chamber pop and dense, menacing psychedelic noise rock. His debut EP, self-titled, will be available from February 11th, and you can hear an early taster here with ‘The Way Down Leering’:

Written during spells in India and hitchhiking across the US, the EP addresses melancholic themes within a heady and draining soundstage. The thick instrumentation and expansive, full-band sound of the songs belies the fact that Slows Down is a completely self-contained solo project. In spite of the broad instrumental strokes, the ideas are simple – minimalist even. It makes for an understated but rich and absorbing listening experience.

The EP marks the beginning of a continuing project and a full album will follow the EP. Thus far the project has existed in the studio as a recording project but Alexander will bring together a collective to perform live this year.

The EP will be available in 12” vinyl and download forms from February 11th.

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