Father Murphy: Blue Fifteen

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  • 9.2.15

Father Murphy will return soon with the new album The Cross (Croce), available 3/17/15 - But before then, the Italian artist will release a C30 cassette on Blue Tapes, via Bandcamp.

The tape serves as a nice introductory piece to the new album, and will be shipping out on or around 20 February 2015. Naturally there is a rigorous conceptual framework behind Blue Fifteen, themed around the crucifixion of Christ (also naturally for this band).
“It was time for Father Murphy to measure with such a symbol.
“It’s all about Sacrifice and Beatitude, dear C. Lee and Rev. freddie.”
This is the artist statement behind Calvary by Father Murphy. Not music as such, but a short piece of sound art - a musique concrete tone poem figuratively depicting the execution place of DismasGestas and Jesus of Nazareth.

The vocals and other audio elements were recorded variously in a backyard in Brooklyn, a mansion in Joshua Tree, a cave in San Francisco, and on the Pyramid of The Moon in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Calvary features a guest appearance by Ezra Buchla on viola (formerly of Gowns and heir to the Buchla synth dynasty).


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