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  • 11.2.15

Eternal Death is a Swedish artist signed to the prolifically good Labrador Records label. So far they’ve released a stack of dark-synthy/electro singles, such as; Head, Bullet, Cry and the newest single, Violence.

After some deserved coverage of the singles on D//E, Labrador Records has kindly let us have an advance listen to the band’s eponymous debut LP. So, does it live up to the singles? The answer is yes - It’s more of the same and if you loved what you heard from individually released tracks, then you’re going to appreciate this equally.

The format of the LP is simple, 12 tracks all one word titles. This minimalistic theme suits everything about Eternal Death. Even though they are a two-piece, their sound, (as powerful as it) doesn’t reflect that at all. Elin Berlin’s voice is unique and compliments the dark beats.

Song calmly opens the LP, before it transcends into the track, Head - a familiar single from January last year. Desire showcases a slight hip-hop beat and the dynamics of Berlin’s vocal range. Machine is welcomely reminiscent of Portishead, with a monotonous drone-like distorted beat.

Track Listing:
1. Song
2. Head
3. Violence
4. Cry
5. Hole
6. Breath
7. Desire
8. Fade
9. Body
10. Machine
11. Love
12. Bullet

Eternal Death's self-titled debut is available for Preorder, out Feb 24, 2015. If you needed a taster, check out the exclusive new track Breath.


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