Disasterpeace: It Follows // Soundtrack

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  • 28.2.15

Honesty… I could go on for hours why 'It Follows' is a belting horror film. But right now I just want to get plugged straight into the Soundtrack by San Francisco-based composer Disasterpeace (aka Richard Vreeland).
Disasterpeace is most well known for his music for video games like: Fez and Bomberman Live: Battlefest. It Follows, is Vreeland’s debut OST and it was created for David Robert Mitchell’s 1970s-inspired creepy horror film.

The dynamics of the score is a mix-mash of static and noize, that meets melody at the right places. It comes to you courtesy of this ever-growing trend for old-school electronic synth, and it shares the DNA of it’s predecessors (Drive, Hobo with a Shotgun, You’re Next and The Guest). But what it does is ramp up the noise to a certain almost unbearable level at the action sequences, bring with it that fear of dread, which send a shudder down your spine. It’s one of those soundtracks that is as terrifying as the sequences it graces.

Check out Title, Detroit and Linger via Milan Record’s soundcloud.



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