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  • 6.1.15

After You’re Next I was convinced. I must admit I watched The Guest for the first time with the intention to really like it and so I did. Those guys get it, the Wingard-Barrett duo that is and I can’t wait for them to make another movie!

I try not to research much about new movies before I watch them, to avoid spoilers as well as to keep the fun like the old times, when commonly all you knew about a film (especially a b-movie) before watching it, was from your encounter with its posters and lobby cards. So I usually leave the research to be done after the viewing.  After I had just watched The Guest a few months ago, I went online and browsed around to see what people were saying about it and what I found was more than disappointing. Of course there were many people who found the movie to be a masterpiece and liked its b-movie feel and whatnot, but I could never imagine there would be so many that didn’t get it, not in the slightest, I reckon just because they either completely lack a sense of humour or they are pop culture ignorants or simply they refuse to try and understand what they’re watching.

If you are one of those people, why bother go online and give a film a low rating so to ruin its average score for other people who’d want to consult the site you’re contaminating with your unfair review in the future? Why do you care to do such a thing when obviously you’re dealing with a movie that is just not for you, playing in a field you’re not qualified to play in? If you’d told me to go watch a ballet contest and rate the contestants, I might had liked what I’d seen or I might had not, but I should never have a public opinion on it and have a say in the final result, because I simply know nothing about ballet and don’t understand it.

I’m not saying averyone should like The Guest and that I wouldn’t accept an argument with someone who would argue against the movie, in a healthy argument that would weigh the film’s pros with its cons, with individuals who would have understood what they saw and simply didn’t like for valid reasons. Ignorance though, that gets me every damn time…

I read insane reviews, clearly coming from people who hadn’t seen more than a hundred movies in their lives and didn’t understand why a movie is deliberately made to look like The Guest is, trying to establish their opinions as the only right ones and what amazes me more in a situation like this is WHY these people went online on a site that specializes on movies to review it in the first place?

I particularly remember some that read something like how they, from the good reviews they had read, expected the film to be a sort of a Kubrick equivalent and that they were let down when they watched it. Because that’s what a good movie is to them, a Kubrick movie… I love Kubrick to death but c’mon! If you’re not able to appreciate Kubrick or Bergman AND Jack Hill at the same time, what are you doing on the message boards of a website that specializes in movies?

Like for example people who like Morbid Angel wouldn’t appreciate Stevie Wonder. But why? since they are both awesome? They express totally different kinds of feelings and mood and they are polar opposites, but each of them should fit in a different part of your life for different reasons. So, can’t you watch A Space Odyssey one day and The Guest the other and find them both great, just because you were in the right mood for each one respectively? And if you tend towards one style of film better than the other, why don’t you leave the other alone for those who do care for it? Have you ever seen a soul-man going on death metal forums, dissing on Morbid Angel? Wouldn’t that be absurd?


Others didn’t like the abrupt ending, others didn’t like how David was shot and stabbed repeatedly but wouldn’t die (like this haven’t happened in movies before), others didn’t get why the police didn’t come to the bar at the bar fight scene and many didn’t like the… soundtrack cause it was… OUT OF PLACE! They thought the music was out of place!!! Is that so?

————————————————-SPOILERS END—————————————————

One thing’s for sure, I must stop looking at user reviews, because that night I felt fortunate enough to had just watched a brilliant film like The Guest and then I couldn’t sleep because my head boiled with rage after what I read, with my mind bouncing all over the place linking this whole thing to all the injustice that goes on in the world. I have issues…


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