Man is not a Bird: D.I.P Video

  • Posted on
  • 13.1.15


D.I.P is the debut video release from Paris’s Man is Not A Bird. Man is Not A Bird are a 4­piece band from Paris mixing elements of shoegaze, post ­rock and stoner­ drone to create a deliciously unique wall of sound.

Formed in late 2012, they released a first single, ‘Sounds of Spring’, in 2013. The band feel most at home on stage and have quickly built up a following, consolidating their reputation as a solid live act. Their debut LP ‘Survived The Great Flood’ will be revealed across all digital platforms between January and March 2015 on Splendid Records. The 12 tracks hold a mirror of emotion up to the listener by confronting the senses with head­on brutality or by weaving their way delicately into the soul with ethereal subtlety. Tension and conflict meld with frail beauty throughout the record creating a uniquely intense and inspiring palate of moods.

I think the video is pretty visceral and I enjoyed it, see what you think.


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