Cheap Scares // Blumhouse

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  • 31.1.15

His name is Jason Blum and he is the founder of Blumhouse, the production company behind some of the most profitable movies ever made (Paranormal Activity, Sinister and Insidious).

Now with an impressively lengthy roster of films, they certainly are all stacking up. But with Blumhouse, the work ethic has always remained the same. "Keep it fresh and invigorating", and there’s a host of new films coming up too! There’s new concepts, remakes and remodels, you name it! The format is simple, just as it was when starting out, keep it cheap, introduce new concepts and use true/real talent, then take it from there and see if there’s a sequel in it. It’s not just horror concepts either, Blumhouse was involved in the production of 5 times Academy Award-nominated 'Whiplash’. Just to further established and bolster the importance of Blum’s involvement in a filmmaking process.
So, what’s up next for the production company? How much time do you have to view some trailers.


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