Amen Dunes: Cowboy Worship

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  • 19.1.15

Amen Dunes’ critically claimed album last year Love, took close to a year and a half, 16 musicians, and five different studios to complete. In that process, much of the sound that might have made it was lost and with that comes Cowboy Worship which is an attempt to give life to some of the music that didn’t make it past the scalpel.

It’s hard to pick a standout from the beautiful haze this EP carries over from last years’ album. From a blown-out version of ‘Green Eyes’ featuring Harvey Milk’s Stephen Tanner, to the more mellower ‘I Can’t Dig It’.

In addition is a band version of Through Donkey Jaw’s ‘Lezzy Head,’ featuring Dunes mainstays Jordi Wheeler and Parker Kindred, and most significantly, and a cover of This Mortal Coil’s interpretation of the Tim Buckley classic, ‘Song to the Siren,’ that features Ben Greenberg on guitars.

McMahon’s cover of ‘Song to the Siren’ is an homage to the spirit that directed those original sessions.

Cowboy Worship is out 1/20/15.

Limited Edition Version: Edition of 200 hand-numbered copies in deluxe packaging, with alternate screen-printed wrap-around sleeve, wax-sealed, and available by mail order only // One per person.


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