Merry Onette: In Concrète Minor

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  • 14.12.14

The music project Merry Onette was one born of loss. Onette came up with the idea for the project just weeks after the unexpected death of her father, in early May 2011. The sound of the project blends a multitude of genres, including; classical, blues, trip-hop, dark wave, noise, tribal house, industrial, chant/spoken word, and ambient electronica. Yesterday, Merry Onette released "In Concrète Minor", via the label Sounds Merry.

The main goal of this project is to not fully commit to one specific genre. It is experimental in nature, allowing for uninhibited self expression and total creative freedom.

"In Concrète Minor" doesn’t disappoint too, it delivers exactly what the above blurb promised, showcasing a mixture of skilled ambient experimental electro, crossing into dark territory while making the perfect fuse of across the genres. 'Ugly Like You' you is perfectly disjointed, accompanied with a distorted beat, against the harmony of the vocals. ‘Athene Noctua’ wouldn’t be out of place on a score, it slowly burns away there, like it should be in a David Fincher film or something.

In Concrète Minor is available via iTunes and Spotify.

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