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  • 31.12.14

From the director of the cult hit ‘Prisoners’, Jake Gyllenhaal stars in a haunting existentialism thriller about a man who stalks his own double.

Glum and dishevelled Toronto history professor Adam Bell (Jake Gyllenhaal) is becoming increasingly withdrawn from the world and his girlfriend Mary (Melanie Laurent). But while watching a movie recommended by a colleague, Adam becomes transfixed. A man playing a bit part in the film appears to be his doppelganger! Searching the internet, he discovers that the actor is called Anthony Clair. Tentatively, Adam sets out to track him down. He soon makes contact with Anthony’s estranged pregnant wife, Helen (one to look out for in 2015 - Sarah Gadon). The movie is adapted from Nobel Prize-winning author Jose Saramago’s novel, ‘The Double’. Jake Gyllenhaal also reunites with the critically acclaimed ‘Prisoners’ director Denis Villeneuve for a compelling dual performance in the two lead roles.

'Prisoners' was one of our favourite movies of 2013, it was haunting, bleak and the mood through it’s cinematography was incredible. Fresh from one of the movies of 2014, ‘Nightcrawler’, Gyllenhaal is set to further bolster his already ever-growing acting abilities.

The movie is set for release tomorrow, so make sure you’re local cinema is showing it

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