Iceage: Plowing Into the Field of Love

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  • 6.10.14

We touched a little on this album here, with it’s inclusion in albums of the month. But I don’t think we celebrated how glorious this punk outing is. Charismatic Iceage front man Elias Bender Rønnenfelt channels his inner Mark E Smith, Shane MacGowen, with Nick Cave lyrics. “Plowing Into the Field of Love” deserves to be celebrated.

It’s the Copenhagen band’s 3rd studio LP and with the singer still at the tender age of 21, this is a refreshing injection into punk. It peaks into full on unforgiving misanthropic punk, with a stunning piano-filled opener, “On My Fingers” and quietens in moments then ramps up again when you get to “Forever” - then it all kicks off again and it’s pandemonium. But that’s not to say it’s all about the punk riffs this time around. It’s the bands 2nd for the label Matador and this time they’ve thrown in more use of pianos, violins and horns, as well as more acoustic tracks in places. It’s the perfect reflection on how the live shows are and encapsulates the live energy into the record itself. You know deep down It’s not one to play your parents and then again that makes it all the more appealing.


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