Elena: Divinity Rising Issue #1 Review

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  • 30.10.14

A few months back, we learned of a new comic series Elena: Divinity Rising. The comic is being published by Markosia and issue 1 will be available to download via Comixology this November…

Buried in a world of betrayal, double-crossing and espionage is the story of a young girl abandoned by her mother and pushed to the limits by her mentor Kalikov, the former KGB ringmaster and nemesis of the CIA. This is the story of Elena Anchova, an extraordinary girl forced to grow up in an extraordinary world where people will stop at nothing to unlock her unique abilities and control her destiny. Elena’s story begins in Moscow and builds to a chilling climax in Rome, a city where religion and technology have collided to create a new power in world order.

Co-creator Darren Pearce has very kindly sent over a promo copy for us to review exclusively here on the D//E site, ahead of it’s November release. So, after months of waiting the first issue is finally here and it’s been an exciting lead up to release. There’s been no shortage of teaser storyboards flying out of the creator’s twitter page recently and the engagement with fans has evidently built a lot of hype around the pilot comic. The cover is warm and inviting, but its the first pager that hits the spot, with it’s Hollywood blockbuster ‘Dark Knight’-style opening. The story wastes no time, throwing you headlong into the action - You’ve got it all, helicopters against the backdrop of a vibrantly beautiful-drawn, coloured and inked cityscape. And so we meet the central character ‘Ellie’ who is introduced to us sharing banter with the other characters. Meanwhile, it isn’t long until it all kicks off in both parallels within the running stories, think big with this, I’m talking explosions underground and overground, literally. From this point onwards it doesn’t let up and becomes a real page-turner. The whole comic is interlaced with the spy, Elena’s flashbacks that are set out in noir, as we learn more about the characters, just another pretty touch, adding to the mixture in this comic’s style. If after the pilot issue it follows on this track, ones thing’s for sure, it will not disappoint it’s continuing readers. Elena is an essential spy espionage classic in the making.

Darren is also involved in a movie project with Hollywood production company Centropolis - owned by Roland Emmerich - which is being produced by Kirstin Winkler and is currently at the script development stage.

“In terms of our backgrounds both Stu Jennett and I are involved in other creative projects.” - Darren Pearce

Stu Jennett is involved in the games industry and has worked for the likes of Marvel so has great experience of working in the graphic novel industry. His previous release, Chronos Commandos is out on Titan Publishing.


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