31 Songs Of Halloween: Donovan: Season Of The Witch

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  • 7.10.14

Changing his sound quite a bit, Donovan put out Sunshine Superman in 1966, his most electric and psychedelic work until then. Season Of The Witch features a young Jimmy Page on guitar and it’s rumoured that John Paul Jones is on the organ, without being officially credited, in what was possibly the spark that led to the formation of Led Zeppelin two years later.

Season Of The Witch feels like it has been covered millions of times. Among the most notable cover versions of the song are those by Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger and the Trinity, Kooper, Stills and Bloomfield in Super Session, Sam Gopal (Lemmy’s first psychedelic band, look it up), Vanilla Fudge, Terry Reid, Dr. John and Joan Jett.

The song gave its title to the third instalment in the Halloween movie series, a 1973 film by George A. Romero and more recently, a fantasy flick starring Nic Cage.

Here’s Donovan performing the song on a French TV program in 1967…

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