The Guest

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  • 7.9.14

It’s the Terminator meets Michael Myers. It’s Adam Wingard’s new masterpiece ‘The Guest’. After the success of the 2011 cult hit ‘You’re Next’ comes another throwback genre film.
Dan Stevens plays the eponymous ‘David’ a former soldier in Afgan. Stevens plays the part with so much charm, that you couldn’t imagine anyone better. The former Downton Abbey star brings his English wit and charm to an American southern role perfectly.

But it’s not just the acting that’s great about this movie, it’s the host of nods to other films 80’s cinema. The atmosphere lends itself to the likes of Halloween. The soundtrack and score are the absolute true star and winner of this movie. The score includes the likes of Perturbator, Mike Simonetti and electronic musician Steve Moore who is also as part of the band Zombi. Check out his stuff at

Here are a select number of tracks, taken from the stunning vicseral soundtrack.

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