Dredd Sequel Wishlist

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  • 17.8.14

Dredd 3D was one of the surprise best films of 2012. It was heavily stylised and accompanied by a great plot.
In spite of some poor box office numbers for the movie, the film has since done well on Blu-Ray and DVD formats. Karl Urban who plays Judge Dredd, has recently called for a kickstarter, so talk of a sequel is still well on the cards.

I recently re-watched Dredd in 2D and it had me thinking, that there’s several aspects I loved…so I thought I’d come up with a quick ‘Wishlist’.

More Slo-Mo

This was the stand out point for cinematography and we certainly want to more of the slow-mo shots and of the SloMo drug effect itself.

Olivia Thirlby (Cassandra Anderson) and Karl Urban (Judge Dredd)

It goes without saying, that as long as these two strong characters are in the running for the sequel, it should be at the very least a good follow-up. Karl Urban (Judge Dredd) has said he would do it at a recent covention and that the mask would certainly still stay on for another 90 minutes.

Alex Garland

One of the main reasons Dredd was so good, was the perfectly-penned script by the man himself, Alex Garland. It wouldn’t be the first time Garland has adapted a comic book franchise to screen and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the sequel.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is the only film, where I think the 3D perfectly compliments the screen. The slow motion parts in-particular as it felt as immersive, as being actually being on the drugs.

Mega-City One

We had that bloody awesome chase sequence at the start of Dredd, but apart from that, we were closed inside the Ma-Ma’s house for the entire movie. This was great, because it suited the script and the budget, but wouldn’t you love to see out-and-about round Mega-City One?!


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