Kristine: The Deepest Blue

  • Posted on
  • 30.6.14

There are things I really miss about the 80’s, a decade in which I grew up and enjoyed. Whether it be playing on my best friend’s Atari Lynx for the the time, making a mixtape from the radio, or my ZX Spectrum - It held some special times for me. Kristine seems to do that wonderful thing of transporting me back to those days, and I don’t really know how or why it happens. It could be the synths or the guitar solos, perhaps? or just simply the spectacular voice.  Kristine has already worked with a whole host of talent such as Mitch Murder and Futurecop! and 'The Deepest Blue' is her latest single.

'The Deepest Blue' is out today and available to buy on iTunes. Go check it out below on YouTube and on Soundcloud with remixes by Miami Nights 1984, Bestrack and Dance With The Dead.

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