June 14 // Albums Of The Month

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  • 24.6.14

Boris are possibly the most adaptive, almost undefinable genre bending band I could think of right now, combing such diverse musical styles from pop tunes to sludge metal. They droned when no one else was droning and played with amp feedbacking, the loudest volumes and the slowest speeds ever, while growing in an environment with most bands around them being more specificly into genres like psychedelia or hardcore punk.

”Noise” is their 19th (!) studio album, not counting the numerous EPs, compilations, split releases, collaborations, demos and live albums and it’s an amalgam of all those styles the band has messed with throughout the years. Their chameleonic abilities are once again in full effect and no matter how different one song is from the next, everything seems relaxed like a natural flow, showing the band in its best form. Because of that diversity and plethora of choices, it’s extremely hard to pick a favourite Boris album, but anyway for that title, “Noise” is one of the contenders. It’s as expected, a highly recommended, wonderful album.

Overall it wasn’t a bad month for music at all. The legendary Godflesh returned after a 13-year absence with a mindblowing new EP, worthy of their reputation as industrial metal pioneers. Bob Mould came up with his best work in quite some time, Tom Krell’s mesmerizing electronic soul exemplified how pop music should be like and Tigers Jaw overcame a lot of obstacles to create their most mature album yet. A few EPs from The KVB, Ceremony and Austra served as tasty appetizers for those bands’ probable full-lengths in the near future. Also Australian (based in Reykjavík) composer Ben Frost released a superb new album on a major label and grindcore punks Trap Them unleashed more blasphemy to the world with a frantic new record.

Not on the list but worth mentioning, this month we came across great new music from Mayhem, Burzum, The Atlas Moth, Tombs, Wreck And Reference, Juliannna Barwick, King Buzzo, Jack White, Death Grips and Body Count.

1. Boris - Noise

2. Godflesh - Decline And Fall

3. Bob Mould - Beauty & Ruin

4. How To Dress Well - “What Is This Heart?”

5. Tigers Jaw - Charmer

6. Ceremony - Birds

7. The KVB - Out Of Body EP

8. Austra - Habitat

9. Ben Frost - A U R O R A

10. Trap Them - Blissfucker


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