Elena: Divinity Rising

  • Posted on
  • 29.6.14

ELENA: Divinity Rising is an upcoming 4 issue comic series, written and created by Darren Pearce and Stu Jennett. The comic is being published by Markosia, Issue 1 is scheduled for release in Autumn, by then a new website will be in place as well, although they will also be posting to twitter.

D//E chatted briefly with co-creator and writer Darren Pearce, who had this to say to us:

"I'm delighted to be working on this with Stu Jennett who recently released Chronos Commandos on Titan, his experience in this medium has been a critical factor in Elena's development.”


Buried in a world of betrayal, double-crossing and espionage is the story of a young girl abandoned by her mother and pushed to the limits by her mentor Kalikov, the former KGB ringmaster and nemesis of the CIA. This is the story of Elena Anchova, an extraordinary girl forced to grow up in an extraordinary world where people will stop at nothing to unlock her unique abilities and control her destiny. Elena’s story begins in Moscow and builds to a chilling climax in Rome, a city where religion and technology have collided to create a new power in world order.


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