D//E Interviews: Sarah P.

Photo: Hior Chronik

Photo: Ang Simeonidi

This week, Sarah P. was kind enough to chat to us about her current music projects. Sarah is part of the force behind Fina Fisken and ex vocalist of Keep Shelly In Athens.

Back in January, Sarah announced her departure from Keep Shelly In Athens, stating the reason to be “focusing on new things”. Luckily, Fina Fisken wasted no time and emerged sharing two epic tracks, Mm OK and Save The Day. Sarah tells us her fondest moments in a band and what’s to come in the near future.

So, Fina Fisken is your latest project. Congratulations on the two new tracks (Save the Day & Mm Ok), everything sounds very exciting and promising. Firstly, tell us how Fina Fisken got started?

Fina Fisken is a music project along with Greek producer Hior Chronik. He contacted me when I was in Gothenburg, we said we would meet when I would get back to Athens. And so it happened. We jammed one day at his place and the result was quite interesting to us, so we kept going on with the deep electronic sounds. Fina Fisken means “fine fish” in swedish, an expression they use when something is good and they really like it.

What does Destroy//Exist mean to you? What comes to mind?

Well, what flashes in my head is that you need to destroy all these things that make you antsy, sad and scared so that you make it to lead the life you want, aka you do EXIST. Destroy to exist, destroy the bad and you will raise up from your own ashes. To end what it hurts and to move forward. 

What are your fondest Keep Shelly In Athens memories?

Oh, totally the shows. We have reached a point that live shows were flowing really naturally. There was chemistry and energy, they were intense. That is for sure a special memory.

You’re writing some songs now, right? If so, what can you tell us?

I do, yes. I have focused on my solo album. I cannot say much, because it is not fully done,  but it is completely different from all things I have done so far. I would say it is more energetic and fun, when, at the same time, it digs a little deeper and gets way too personal. It’s a challenging material to work on.

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Any specific ones?

Mostly for my singing  or my lyrics I do, actually. I love Tim Buckley. I think he is one of the most underrated artists. He is definitely an influence that pops up, even subconsciously. Especially his albums Goodbye and Hello and Greetings from LA. These are two completely different albums of Buckley. I would also mention Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night and classic Rumours.

Do you have plans for a UK/European tour?

For the moment not really, but it is a matter of time. As I am changing my base and moving to Berlin, I guess it will take a while to settle. But god only knows how much I do miss playing shows and interracting with people, sharing feelings when on stage. I just want to make sure that when this happens again, it will be exactly how I am dreaming it to be.

For new listeners, what style briefly defines your music?

I would say it is electronic weird pop music. I am no that good with genres…


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