Rob Zombie's 31

  • Posted on
  • 16.5.14

A distressed clown mask very much resembling Captain Spaulding, the title “31” and the tagline “a Rob Zombie” film were just enough to spark some interest on fans of horror movies. No details have been revealed yet, but judging from the teaser poster, some might hope for the return of the Firefly family on screen, after all there have always been baseless rumours around about a possible prequel to the “House of 1000 Corpses” and “The Devil’s Rejects” storyline.

So, for this Zombie’s puts on hold “Broad Street Bullies”, the story of the 1970s legendary Philadelphia Flyers team, on which he’d been working for two years.

"The Zombie Horror Picture Show", the band’s first ever live DVD, also directed by Rob Zombie, will be released May 19th.


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