Free Comic Book Day: May 4th 2014

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  • 1.5.14

Free Comic Book Day is almost upon us - That means this coming Saturday millions of comic book fans will descend on their local stores seeking a free haul of all the latest releases from the world’s most popular publishers. The thing I love the most about FCBD, is the element of surprise about what you’re gonna get - what new exciting comic releases you’ll discover. It’s a great day for fans of comics (or even to potentially lure in new ones) to come, connect and enjoy the celebration of print publishing.

10 great comics to read to honour FCBD:

1. The Walking Dead - Robert Kirkman

2. Alex + Ada - Jonathan Luna / Sarah Vaughn

3. The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil - Stephen Collins

4. Snapshot - Andy Diggle / Jock

5. Revival - Tim Seeley / Mike Norton.

6. Empire of The Dead - George A.Romero

7. Invincible - Robert Kirkman

8. Watchmen - Alan Moore / Dave Gibbons

9. Swamp Thing - Alan Moore

10. Batman: The Long Halloween - Jeph Loeb with art by Tim Salee

Get down to your local comic book store and see what’s on offer!

Find a participating shop for Free Comic Book Day


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