April 14 // Albums Of The Month

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  • 24.4.14

I believe that most of our readers would agree that these lists are in general just a game and not to be taken that much seriously. They are so fun to do, but they’re also usually giving me a hard time. This month in particular, our monthly albums lists was notably harder to complie than usual, since there was quite a handful of new music worth the attention, to add to the bunch of reissues and special editions released for Record Store Day. Since we recently posted another list about those, I decided to exclude the RSD related albums to make my life a bit easier, not that it still wasn’t tough enough to select only ten.

So, here we go, with a hat tip to those great new records that barely didn’t make the final list, the ones by John Frusciante, Mitch Murder, Automat, Pixies, Maria Minerva, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Starwalker, Miserable…

1. Swans - To Be Kind

2. Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

3. Protomartyr - Under The Color Of Official Right

4. Se Delan - The Fall

5. Dalhous -  Visibility Is A Trap

6. Nadja - Tangled

7. Fear Of Men - Loom

8. Thou & The Body - Released From Love

9. Atari Teenage Riot - Reset

10. Blood Farmers - Headless Eyes


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