Gardens & Villa: Dunes

  • Posted on
  • 10.2.14

Gardens & Villa is an American indie rock band from Santa Barbara, California, formed in 2008. The band consists of founding members Chris Lynch (guitar, vocals), Adam Rasmussen (synthesizer), Shane McKillop (bass guitar), Levi Hayden (drums) and Dustin Ineman (keyboards).


Gardens & Villa have just released their 2nd studio album “Dunes.” The indie rock band from Santa Barbara, California have added some more synth elements to this outing, and it’s incidentally thanks to the DFA man, Tim Goldsworthy. Tim’s experience has clearly helped add more of a dynamic sparkle to the indie tunes. There is clear inspiration from Talk Talk and Talking Heads present here and the album has both its high and low-points - that being said, the high-points are certainly; ‘Dunes’, ‘Colony Glen’, and the first single ‘Bullet Train’.




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