February 14 // Albums Of The Month

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  • 26.2.14

It is only the second monthly album list at D//E, since the site is still so young, yet enough notes have been taken down about some serious contestants for the end of year annual list.

After two years of running around doing live gigs and releasing a couple of EPs, Nothing have now a full length album via Relapse, a label known mostly for the heavier in sound, metal bands in its roster. Nothing may not be that close to Relapse’s kind of metal, but don’t think they’re not heavy too. They are heavy in mood and feeling, rocking a 90s-like distorted guitar fuzziness with a post-rock twist. Undoubtedly Guilty Of Everything is a highly recommended soilid gem of an album.

…and just take a look at the #2 spot underneath. It’s almost the same guys there too…

1. Nothing - Guilty Of Everything

2. Death Of Lovers - Buried Under A World Of Roses

3. The Body - I Shall Die Here

4. Current 93 - I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell

5. Hexis - Abalam

6. ††† - †††

7. Jonas Reinhardt - Ganymede

8. Poemss - Poemss

9. Marissa Nadler - July

10. Thou - Heathen


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