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D//E Fiction: The Consumers


The following story was written purposely for inclusion in the February D//E creative writing sectionAll characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

It’s a hard thing to imagine, life in a different way than it is now. Yet we’ve grown so comfortable once again, just like I always said we would. With our takeaway coffee, our fancy phones, our cars, our mortgages and super high-definition televisions. But just think for a moment, and remember life back then. Believe me when I say, how quickly everything was taken away and almost without warning. On that fateful morning, I awoke in my bed and it was like a scene out of my favourite science fiction movie, although the reality of it changed to something much more frightening.

    I threw my curtains open, looked outside of my window and we were imminently under-attack. It was a silent attack, people were going about their daily jobs and being destroyed instantly. There were no flying saucers, tripods or spacecrafts like in the movies. The main thing I noticed differently was that the sky had this fluorescent purple glow, that blinded me to look at. At the time I thought to myself, how something like this could happen to a world this big, without us planning any kind of resistance. People were being consumed or electrified, at a rate quicker than I could blink. I say ‘consumed’ because the way I saw it that morning, there were two ways you could go. One - they zapped you electrically, or two - now I’ll tell you about this one from my own experience. It was 9:11 am, and after being glued to my bedroom window, I’d forgotten anyone else existed in the house, so cried out for my mom and dad in the next room, but nothing. So, I unfroze myself from the spot and headed into their bedroom. I peered around the door, pushing it open slowly and what I saw both shocked and sickened me. Where my mum and dad once slept, was replaced by a pulsating large oblong-shaped and flesh coloured lump. What had happened to my family? This was the worse way to go; you were being consumed from within.

    They were the consumers and we were simply the by-products of the earth. I didn’t know what to do, I contemplated my end and the choices I had. I had just a few minutes left and I was sure about that, because from what I saw, they didn’t even need to break anything to penetrate the walls or the doors in the buildings. I decided to wait it out, I went back to my bedroom and climbed into my wardrobe, it was an old mahogany antique which had a lock. The lock was unique, in that you could take the little key out and lock it from the inside. It was perfect for hide and seek when I was a little younger. It was a futile attempt at being safe, but I didn’t want to wait around to watch anymore, just curl up in a ball and hide. Hours went by; I mean about eight in total, I can’t really be sure. Never did I think of coming out, until when it was dark again, a sudden flash occurred. The next thing I remembered was being rescued by the army. Whatever the invisible presence or intelligence was, had decided to retreat and perhaps changed it’s mind.

    I can’t tell you what went through my mind during those hours, or the fear I felt. I could’ve been exterminated at any given moment. I guess the 10 or so hours was a warning, laced with some kind of irony to slow down and stop using so much shit. It was being consumed that perhaps was the message. Who were ‘The Consumers’? Them or us ? Maybe I’m looking into it too deeply, but I think too much about this stuff all the time.

 © 2014 R.S / Destroy//Exist.

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