Picking up Bossypants one must have in mind in advance that a. it is going to be a very funny book and b. it will offer insight to some of Saturday Night Live’s greatest years as well as information about a very witty comedienne’s improv times and stories which happened before her recognition as a performer and writer. Give or take, that’s what Bossypants is about, and again, as it's usually preferable to do with most comedy themed books, listening to the audiobook edition was a major plus, because Tina Fey turns out to be a very amusing narrator. Coming from the person who gave us six seasons of Weekend Update and seven seasons of 30 Rock, no one should expect the storytelling to be of less merriment.

The book came out when 30 Rock was in its fifth season, so there’s no views on its cancellation and how a TV series so smart and funny came to an end, but there’s enough about the show’s writing and development, how critical Alec Baldwin’s presence was, and how story arcs developed out of its writers’ own experiences.That certain chapter is surely among the book’s highlights, together with the one about Fey's impressive, republican father, Don Fey; the chapter about the long hours she put in 30 Rockefeller Center on SNL, splendidly titled Peeing In Jars With Boys, and the one about her ruinous honeymoon cruise, a real life experience that sounds like a plot from the goofiest comedy movie. Along the way Fey doesn’t forget to praise Baldwin, Lorne Michaels and Amy Poehler, give a reasonable amount of sarcastic advice on how to be bossy, exhibit her feminist views and thoughts on parenthood, and chronicle the ups and downs of being a struggling writer/performer, trying to find success.

As expected, it turns out that Tina Fey and Liz Lemon can be quite similar characters. Distinctively Liz is full of killer one-liners, conceived to crack you up, when the real Fey is surely a down-to-earth person. Considerably, if Bossypants had been written by Liz’s point of view instead of Tina’s, it would have been a bit more entertaining for the average reader, but then again, if you’re not familiar with Tina Fey’s writing and comedic peculiarity, don’t bother with this. It’s a funny memoir, to be mostly enjoyed by the initiated.

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