The Walking Dead #120

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  • 26.1.14


We’re now on the 120th issue of The Walking Dead comic series and if you’re a watcher of the TV series, or you haven’t quite caught up to the comics, I suggest you look away and skip past this post now if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Still here? Okay, I’ll continue then…It’s All Out War and that’s the title of this particular series. It literally is just war, as the story arc reaches it’s peak. Negan proceeds to attack the Alexandria safe zone by beginning to throw grenades over the wall and yells at Rick that the war could’ve been avoided by following his incessant rules. Heath’s leg is blown off in the process and Denise rushes over to taking him over to her house to stop the bleeding. Maggie eventually shows up with the rest of the Hilltop clan (thinking Rick would need extra support), foolishly leaving the Hilltop area unattended.


Many unnamed background saviors get dropped in this issue, amongst the death toll is one of Rick Grime’s clan (Alexandria safe zone), Holly, whom we can now can confirm as dead/undead. I did like Holly, and I feel a bit disappointed by her demise, but I felt it’s another non-main character they offed without second thought for, and another in which never really developed to full potential. There’s been way too many of these for my liking in both the TV series and the comic. Previously, in issue 18 it was Eric, which for me kind of draws the Alexandra safezone-era to a close. We’re now witnessing a similar chain of events, as we did when the prison story came to a close. You can tell Kirkman is taking us in a whole new direction soon, but we’re not quite sure as to where just yet.


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