Every Day I'm Hustlin':American Hustle Review

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  • 2.1.14


A new year and the first of my new year’s viewings. So here come this crime-comedy-drama and what a brilliant film to kick it off…

O. Russell has managed to pull together a dream team, an absolute plethora of great acting talent, which includes the fusion of his past two Oscar Nominations (The Fighter, 2010 & Silver Linings Playbook, 2011). Based very loosely on the FBI ABSCAM operations of the 70’s/early 80’s, Christian Bale and co star Amy Adams star as con artists who are forced handed by FBI agent Bradley Cooper into busting open an elaborate sting operation on corrupt politicians.

Right from the tip-off you know your in for a treat, when early on as the two con artists meet, you’re greeted with Duke Ellington’s Jeep’s Blues playing. The placement of the music and Danny Elfman’s score is another integral part of this film. Christian Bale as expected steals the show with yet another passionate performance from the heart. Bradley Cooper brings something unique to the roll, Cooper has this ability to bring a smile and some humor to any role, so he’s definitely become your man if you want that comedic element. Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant, manipulative-stay at home wife, she brings with it some of the funniest and memorable moments of the whole film. It’s an emotional roller-coaster from one side of the spectrum to the other. Another thing about the film is the costumes and hair, to get this style and look must be an achievement in itself, one that is also worthy of an Oscar… It’s a triumph of epic proportions. Not in a way such as throwbacks like Anchorman which lingers in the memory but in a more stylistic way, although I’m not in any way becoming envious of Bradley Cooper’s tight curls.

Robin S

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